Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bubble Teas Pose Potential Health Threat

"The milk powder smells better because they add a chemical called vegetable cream powder, which could contain poisonous arsenic, the vendor said. Consumption of the cream powder over a long period could increase the danger of developing cardiovascular diseases and cancer as well as affect brain development in toddlers, the report said.

The major ingredient of the milk powder is also a trans fat, the vendor said. Daily consumption of 500 milliliters of milk tea with this trans fat could exceed the health limit and long time consumption of the tea could lead to cardiovascular diseases, the vendor added.

Although starch is claimed to be the main ingredient suppliers add wheat gluten, a plastic, to make the balls chewier. Plastic is a banned food additive.

It is added with chemicals such as sodium sulfate, which is used as a washing powder and banned as a food additive. Long time consumption of the chemicals could be poisonous.

At a wholesale market on Renmin Road, industry insiders told the newspaper that the teas using cheap raw materials could only cost 0.5 yuan (7.3 US cents) a cup to make. The tea sells for 3 yuan to 6 yuan across the city." Extracted from Shanghai Daily

Restaurant name & Location: Possibly at anywhere

Product: Bubble tea or pearl tea

Price: About RM4.50

Reasons: Contain varies chemicals. Can cause health hazard like liver and kidneys damage, cardiovascular diseases and cancer

Recommendation/Substitute: Fresh fruit juice


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dried Fruit on Level 5 Alert

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry has put dried fruit products, particularly plum and prune products, from 16 companies in China , Taiwan and other Asian countries, on Level 5 alert because of their high levels of lead.

Ministry staff will be on the lookout for these products at entry points for 16 manufacturers and distributors to ensure the products do not come into the country, Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said on Thursday.

With a Level 5 alert, the Ministry would hold the products to test them for lead content before they can be released into the market.

The highest alert, Level 6, involves an immediate rejection of the product.

Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the monitoring was started following an Oct 1 US Food and Drug Administration report warning people not to consume dried fruit, including dried plums and prunes, due to lead contamination.

"If a product by a manufacturer or distributor is found to contain more than the permitted two parts per million (ppm), legal action will be taken under the Food Regulations 1985," Liow told reporters after launching the ministry's management conference on Thursday.

If convicted, guilty parties can be fined up to RM100,000, jailed for up to 10 years or both.

Lead, in cumulative amounts over time, causes nervous system disorders and distorts brain development, especially in children.

Dried Plum Products with Elevated Lead Levels

Manufacturer/Distributor: Alamo Packing
Product Name on Label: The Original Chinese Candy Dried Plums with Pickle and Lemon Saladitos Con Pepino Y Limon

Manufacturer/Distributor: Almax International
Product Name on Label: ItsFruit Chinese Style Dried Prune Saladito

Manufacturer/Distributor: Bolner's Fiesta Products
Product Name on Label: Saladitos 6 Count

Manufacturer/Distributor: Casa De Dulce
Product Name on Label: Salted Plum Suckers

Manufacturer/Distributor: Cheung Fat
Product Name on Label: Plum wrapped "candy" (Packaging predominately in Asian foreign language - blue and white bag with candy wrapped in red and white)

Manufacturer/Distributor: Dollar Value Distributor
Product Name on Label: Saladitos Salted Prunes

Manufacturer/Distributor: Hinojosa Brothers (H.B. Wholesale)
Product Name on Label: Salados Salted dried plums

Manufacturer/Distributor: Kam Tai Hong
Product Name on Label: Hua Ho Ying Tzu (Packaging in Asian foreign language)

Manufacturer/Distributor: Little Gregory
Product Name on Label: Chinese Candy Packaging also contains individual packets of Limon and La Sabrozita

Manufacturer/Distributor: Mexican Products & Spices
Product Name on Label: 7 Salted Plums 7 Saladitos

Manufacturer/Distributor: Produce Plus
Product Name on Label: Saladitos Chinese Candy

Manufacturer/Distributor: Roxy Trading Co.
Product Name on Label: Preserved Liquoriced Prune, Preserved Plums: Preserved Salted Prunes, Preserved Plums, Preserved Plums: Preserved Red Prunes

Manufacturer/Distributor: Sanh Yuan Enterprise
Product Name on Label:
Preserved Fruit Pitted Prunes

Manufacturer/Distributor: Tang Hoi Moon
Product Name on Label: Chan Pui Mui Preserved Plum

Manufacturer/Distributor: Wan Tom Food Co. LTD
Product Name on Label: Ka Po Preserved Plum

Monday, December 7, 2009

Manufacturing Fake Eggs

In China there are fake schools and classes that teach a variety of blatant fraud technology, even eggs can be modulated by chemical materials, but also be able to fry cook, is currently the most popular False course.

Step 1: Modulation of raw materials
Using 7 kinds of chemical materials. Fake egg was made from calcium carbonate, starch, resin, gelatin, alum and other chemical products.

Step 2: Egg production
Raw egg into the mold to 2 / 3 full, put calcium chloride, colouring die, the egg appears on the film been announced.

The 'yolk' is shaped in the round mould. 'Magic water' containing calcium chloride is used. By adding a yellow pigment and become raw egg yolk.

Step 3: Fake egg shape
In the mold into 1 / 3 raw egg white, like the first package, like dumplings into the egg yolk, egg white into another, into the magic water, a shell eggs will come slowly. Naked egg shape to 1 hour to dry after washing with water, at shells ready.

Step 4: Shell
Sewing lines through the use of eggs, immersed in paraffin wax, calcium carbonate, such as modulation of the eggshell into a solution, repeated several times until the shell a little dry, immersion in cold water pumping line shape, this point, the egg has been put on a false cloak, You're done.

Hard shells are formed by soaking in paraffin wax onto the egg, which are then left to dry.

Oh yeah The Egg is ready. The artificial egg shell is very fragile and break easily but who cares!!
Look so real!!

Many small bubbles is formed during frying the egg but not many people can tell the difference. The egg look exactly the same, and the eggs taste better than real but you are adding to the statistic of food poisoning person.

Why make fake eggs ? Because of money.
The cost of fake egg is only 0.55 Yuan/kg, while the true eggs' market price is 5.6 Yuan/kg.

Cases of problem foods and food poisoning are widely reported in Mainland China over the last few years. In 2001, there were 185 cases of food poisoning, affecting about 15,715 people and causing 146 deaths. The cases doubled in 2002. In 2003, the number of reported cases was ten times more than that in 2001, and the number of people suffered was as high as 29,660, including 262 deaths Now In Sept 2008 Nearly 53,000 Chinese children sick from contaminated milk; 4 have died.

Fake Bamboo Shoots

Look how some heartless businessmen make preserved bamboo shoots.
可恶商家....... 害人利己!!!

看完後.....想到筍乾就想吐~~~ 首先準備一些免洗筷
Disposable Chopsticks

Cut into smaller pieces

They become the "raw material" for preserved bamboo shoots

Immerse them in wine for several days

Add in flavoring

加鹽 加碳酸氫
Add in soda bicarbonate

Add in some sugar

Add in soya sauce

Keep boiling them

放入空瓶子內 放置一段時間
Once ready, store them in empty jars for a period of time.

筷子筍乾完成啦 湯汁都被筷子吸收了
It is "ready to serve", when the "bamboo shoots" adsorbs all the gravy in the jar.

從那一面看都像筍乾 用筷子夾筷子
Resemble the real preserved bamboo shoots.

Stir fry preserved bamboo shoots.




Source: Contributed by gill gill

Ten Mallows Filled but Not Filled

Restaurant & Location: Supermarkets, hypermarkets and etc

Product: Ten Mallows (Brand: Ten Ten)

Price: RM4.99 during offer. Maybe more than RM6 for normal price.

Reasons: It stated it is filled with strawberry, grape and apple but most of the mallows are not filled.

Recommendation/Substitute: -

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