Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mc"D" Free Marketing through Blogs

Found out this Mcvalue Lunch Blogger contest. Join and hope to appear in McDonald site.

After spending so MUCH TIME, so MUCH MONEY and so MUCH EFFORT

To win the post need to be popular and creative.
ONLY 1 GRAND PRIZE and not so attractive as many will join but it is ok to support Mcdonald.

Click into another contest the Facebook Contest
Hmm... This contest is much easier will join too. Just take creative/best photo and upload in facebook.

HELL!!! The contest is so much easier and it is not 1, 2 or 3 BUT 4 iphone to be won. And it is weeklyyyyy!!!!!!!!


After Mc"D" spending so much on their McValue promotion! They turn to blogger to promote for them for FREE. And we are paying for the prize by eating the BURGERS. They did not even want to update the website for the blogger appearance in their website. A Big SCAM and CHEAT to all the Mc"D" fans and supporters!

Need help? Email Mc"D" at

Restaurant name & Location: Mc Donald's

Dish: McValue Lunch Contest

Price: RM5.95+ AND RM7.95+

- Cheater/Scam for blogger to do free advertisement
- Cheater to everyone

Recommendation/Substitute: KFC I Love Flava' Roast Contest

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Eatery of Four Points by Sheraton, Kuching

Reservation was made but it was NOT recorded in the system. Anyhow, the 'tempting' food served the buffet floor should be able to compensate the mistake. YA....

Looks Good and Generous so much "Fresh Seafood"


Dead for days? Weeks? Months? in the fridge.

Disappointed!!! WHY don't they just keep that chocolate fountain machine.

WTFFFF!!!!!! FLY on the dessert!

Restaurant name & Location: The Eatery of Four Points at Sheraton Kuching

Dish: Buffet dinner

RM58++ (Sunday – Thursday)
RM68++ (Friday , Saturday)

Children below age of 12 will get 50% off while those below 3 eat for free

- Poor quality of food
- Fly due to hygiene or NOT fresh seafood
- Bad service (reservation made = not make)

Recommendation/Substitute: Nil


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sakae Sushi

Look at the paper thin and torned unagi, forgot to note down the dish name RM5.90

From the color itself, you can see that it not fresh.

Restaurant name & Location: Sakae Sushi, Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza Penang

Dish: Sushi, Sashimi & etc

Price: Salmon Belly RM9.90

Reasons: Food not fresh and poor food quality. Food is not fresh even on first day of opening at Gurney but not improve till now.

Recommendation/Substitute: Even Sushi King is better

My experience at both outlets
From comment at

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Old Town White Coffee Price Not Standard

Restaurant name & Location: Old Town White Coffee, Penang mainland

Dish: White Coffee

Penang state : Seberang Jaya & Bagan Jermal Branch
White coffee (Hot) RM 2.50
White coffee (Cold) RM 2.80

Penang state : BM Maju Utama Branch
White coffee (Hot) RM 2.80 (different by 30cent???)
White coffee (Cold) RM 3.20 (different by 40cent???)

Reasons: What dramatic price different!!!

Recommendation/Substitute: Nil

Source: Forwarded email, how true is it?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hygiene Issues at Old Klang Road

Unclean habits: A quick look at some of the eateries along Jalan Hujan Rahmat

Sorry sight: Water from these blue receptacles is used to wash the food items

Restaurant name & Location:
Jalan Hujan Rahmat coffee shops at Old Klang Road

Dish: -

Price: -

- Tasted dish-washing liquid instead of iced coffee
- Cockroaches running around on and underneath the tables
- Backlane was being used for food preparation
- Food items were washed using water stored in large plastic drums
- Drain was clogged with cooking oil, breeding ground for cockroaches and rats

Recommendation/Substitute: Nil

The Star Metro, 19 Sep 2008
The Star Metro, 5 Jan 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Chocolate Boutique


Location/brand: The Chocolate Boutique


Reasons: Too expensive, Beryl's generic mass production chocolates, not fine and nothing special.

Recommendation/Substitute: Any other Belgian Chocolates worth your penny

Source (Pricing):

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hameediyah Restaurant at Campbell Street

Each prawn cost RM20! RM120 a plate

Restaurant: Hameediyah Restaurant, 164 Campbell Street, Penang

Dish: Nasi Kandar

Price: RM436 for 14 people

Reasons: Most expensive, most outrageous, most unreasonable, the most ridiculous, the most blood sucking

Recommendation/Substitute: Other nasi kandar shop

Source: and forwarded email

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crispy Snack at Hawker Stall

Click to enlarge

Restaurant name & Location:
Hawker Stall

Dish: Crispy Snack eg.goreng pisang and keledek, fried ikan bilis etc

Price: -

Reasons: Coat fried snack with plastic to make it stay crispy

Recommendation/Substitute: Homemade

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wong Kok Gurney Plaza, Wan Tan Mee

Restaurant name & Location: Wong Kok at Gurney Plaza

Dish: Wan Tan Mee

Price: Not sure

Reasons: The mee is all tied together with whole big bunch… yaiks! Bad taste! No effort put in by the cook…

Recommendation/Substitute: Wan Tan Mee hawker stall

Other supporting source for bad service:
Malaysian Foodie

Tarot Cafe, Kuching

This is a tarot themed café, where you can go there for a relaxing drink and meal and also fortune telling using tarot cards.

Everything seems perfect, until we noticed the broken plate... wtf! Bad omen?
Restaurant name & Location: The Tarot Café, Jalan Keretapi, Kuching

Dish: Egg and Sausage Fried Rice

Price: Not sure

1. Broken plates - This is one of the most basic rules especially in those middle to executive class cafés and restaurants, never serve in broken kitchen utensils. Someone might get hurt and blood stain. Thus it is unhygienic.

2. The Fried Rice is too salty.

Recommendation/Substitute: Go for the drinks, especially those named after the tarots cards. They are served with "straws" (get what I mean) and tasty. As for the food, NO!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

OLD Town Restaurant, QueensBay Mall


This Monday (27 Apr 09), I have my lunch with family members in Old Town restaurant in QueensBay mall. As you know off, there is an open space restaurant with fence.We choose to sit at table with close to the fence. The food is delicious. When we almost finish our food, we saw cockroach craw on our table. Out of curiosity, we look around to find whether is that anymore around the table. Eventually we found about 6 (big and small) cockroach at the fence (refer to photo attached for 2 craw-croach at fence). So, immediately we call the waite on duty and feedback/ complaint to him but he just walk away without any respond. So, we ask to talk to the Manager/ supervisor. We very dispointed that the captain said they had do cleaning everyday and there is nothing they can do. He sound rude. When I went to the counter to pay the bill, the Manager/ Supervisor bang the file on the small table just behind the cashier to show his angry. The next day, I told this incident to my colleaugues. One of them told me she always have diarrhea after took food in Old town. We have doubt with the hygience of this restaurant.

Original email composed by Daniel

Restaurant name & Location: OLD Town Restaurant at QueensBay Mall

Dish: -

Price: -

Reasons: Hygiene problem, cockroach on the wall.

Recommendation/Substitute: Nil