Thursday, April 30, 2009

Khanna Restaurant RM10++ Buffet

Received a forward email on this buffet at Khanna Restaurant and try it out. Ended up, DISAPPOINTED. Let me show you what is offered there.

1st Item: Mixed Fruit - This is taste the best of all items. You might agree with me after you check out the rest of the items offered.

2nd Item: Green Peas Pullau - In short, rice. This is like a must, almost all Malaysian need rice. Good!

3rd Item: Khasmiri Tandori Roti - An option besides rice is Tandori roti. Wah! So nice got tandori right? You should know the answer.

4th Item: Potato Wedges Chili Fried- Huh!! Potato

5th Item: Channa Masalla - Even roti canai kuah kacang taste better. Eat this with? Roti or Rice or Potato.

6th Item: Fried Chili's Long Bean - Vegetable. Nothing much to comment.

7th Item: Aloo Mushroom - Very salty and the mushroom is actually the canned bell mushroom.

8th Item: Chicken Korma - Taste bland, even economic rice stall's curry taste better. But I thought this was the best item in the buffet. Read on....

9th Item: Fish Vindaloo - WHAT this is fish? I did not know that, it was not labeled initially. And I only ate potato from this buffet tray. Stupid, right.

10th Item: Last and the least. It is the drink? Orange juice from concentrated bottled juice.

What do you think? Worth it?

Restaurant name & Location:
Khanna Restaurant (Near Northam Tower)
67 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10500 Penang
Phone : 04-226 4998

Dish: The buffet

Price: RM10++

Reasons: Not value for $$ and the taste is just forcefully acceptable

Recommendation/Substitute: With the same value, Nasi Kandar or Mamak Stall taste better

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yaki Yaki

Restaurant name & Location: Yaki Yaki

Dish: The buffet

Lunch RM65++
Hi-Tea RM55++
Dinner RM75++
Supper RM65++

During promotion from 16 Mar 2009 until 30 Apr 2009
50% discount on all dining period

Reasons: As the restaurant name Yucky Yucky what do you expect?

Bad service
- Serve good foods at the beginning 6pm, go to grab fast after 7pm
- Long wait for the food to be replenished
- Plates piling up and no waiter collects it

Food not nice
- Non fresh, slightly gone bad raw food to be bbq-ed
- Red wine far worse than even the cheapest (RM18 per bottle)
- Cold cooked food
- Cheapo dessert, jelly and unknown brand ice cream with no ice cream topping, no sweet delicacies like cakes

Bad environment
- Very rude and kiasu crowd, no one queues, mad rush for the food when replenished
- Pasar malam ambiance at non-pasar malam prices

No wonder no photo taking is allowed there. Hahaha....

Recommendation/Substitute: Tenji
Tenji review by: Precious Pea, Vkeong


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taiwan Shihlin, Oyster Mee Sua

Restaurant name & Location: Taiwan Shihlin at Queensbay Mall

Dish: Oyster Mee Sua

Price: RM5.50

Reasons: Gravy too thick and salty, oyster not fresh, chinese celery does not suit the dish.

Recommendation/Substitute: Nil