Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vivo City Basement Rubber Band in the Food

Recent bad experience: The rubber band in the cooked food.
Location : Vivo City basement
Stall : Banquet (Malay Nasi Padang shop)

What happened? : I got a rubber band chewed while I was eating my Nasi Padang. Initially I thought that orange color thing was the carrot piece. That day I was eating "sotong" squid too. So I didnt realized it. I only realized it only only when I felt that something was amiss when I am chewing it!

That was a terrible experience. people should also watch out for sandy veggi too when they ordered the cooked spinach at that stall. because they did not wash the veggie properly. Sometimes you could see the roots in your veggies too! I have experienced sandy veggie once from that stall too.

I am not attacking the stall as I liked the food and cooking there. However on and off I got those problem. I should probably complain to the food stall next time.

Other bad experience at eating out:
The dish washer piece found in the food of Old Changkee shop (Raffles Place) and Indian vegetarian stall at Lau Pa Sat.

* Thanks to Alex for sharing