Thursday, April 30, 2009

Khanna Restaurant RM10++ Buffet

Received a forward email on this buffet at Khanna Restaurant and try it out. Ended up, DISAPPOINTED. Let me show you what is offered there.

1st Item: Mixed Fruit - This is taste the best of all items. You might agree with me after you check out the rest of the items offered.

2nd Item: Green Peas Pullau - In short, rice. This is like a must, almost all Malaysian need rice. Good!

3rd Item: Khasmiri Tandori Roti - An option besides rice is Tandori roti. Wah! So nice got tandori right? You should know the answer.

4th Item: Potato Wedges Chili Fried- Huh!! Potato

5th Item: Channa Masalla - Even roti canai kuah kacang taste better. Eat this with? Roti or Rice or Potato.

6th Item: Fried Chili's Long Bean - Vegetable. Nothing much to comment.

7th Item: Aloo Mushroom - Very salty and the mushroom is actually the canned bell mushroom.

8th Item: Chicken Korma - Taste bland, even economic rice stall's curry taste better. But I thought this was the best item in the buffet. Read on....

9th Item: Fish Vindaloo - WHAT this is fish? I did not know that, it was not labeled initially. And I only ate potato from this buffet tray. Stupid, right.

10th Item: Last and the least. It is the drink? Orange juice from concentrated bottled juice.

What do you think? Worth it?

Restaurant name & Location:
Khanna Restaurant (Near Northam Tower)
67 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10500 Penang
Phone : 04-226 4998

Dish: The buffet

Price: RM10++

Reasons: Not value for $$ and the taste is just forcefully acceptable

Recommendation/Substitute: With the same value, Nasi Kandar or Mamak Stall taste better


Ah Sir said...

Went there before...
1st item, i love the mix's fruit as it's fresh.
5th item, i duno what am i taste for those bean that cooked like that.
6th item, over cooked for those long beans. Spoil the freshness ade.
7th item,'s salty and those mushroom are from canned.
8th item, no curry taste at all for this dish. -_-"
Bout the comment...

Not2Eat said...

Better pay this price for mamak stall and choose your own dish.

DS said...

what do you expect eating at a buffet worth RM10?

Not2Eat said...

DS - I don't expect much to begin with, however the taste is not acceptable and the combination of choice is bad.

Anonymous said...

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