Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Plastic Seaweed

Be careful don't get plastic the market now....scary to hear this, right? Just check before you eat it.

Hai, What is this.........................????

My MIL bought 1 bag of seaweed last weekend in market. She cooked seaweed soup last night, but something unbelievable happened. She washed and soaked the seaweed, then found the seaweed was different from the normal seaweed she cooked even thought same smell (seaweed smell). The seaweed ...............was a PLASTIC seaweed!!!!! It is made in CHINA . The brand name, importer and distributor as per attached photo.

Pls alert if you want to cook your seaweed soup next time.

Restaurant name & Location: Selling in the market

Product: Koala Bear Brand of Seaweeds

Price: Around RM2

Reasons: Artificial seaweed made of plastic

Recommendation/Substitute: Be careful in choosing the real the seaweed.

Source: Forward mail


Not2Eat said...

What real seaweed looks like?

CRIZ LAI said...

Gosh!! This is bad as I like to have seaweed soup all the time.

Anonymous said...

Tests show 'plastic' seaweed imported from China is real

Not2Eat said...

Criz - I am scared too as i also love seaweed.

Anonymous - I have the same brand of seaweed at home and it is not rough or bumpy after you soak it.

He said dried seaweed product should appear bumpy when soaked in water. It should have a rough surface and strong smell. - Quoted in The Nation

Not2Eat said...

Which organization or party should we contact to test on the product?