Monday, October 12, 2009

E-Gate Sushi King the Worst Outlet in Penang


Today 12 October 2009, the 1st day of Sushi King RM2 Bonanza at E-Gate outlet.
I discover a hair, NOSE HAIR or EYEBROW HAIR or who knows...

I requested Assistant Restaurant Manager, Ng Mei Yen to change another plate or same value sushi.

GUESS WHAT... She took it away and never return.

After a while i asked for a replacement. She said "NO REPLACEMENT".
The reason: no more unagi sushi or prawn sushi.

WHICH IS SO UNTRUE!!! There are many prawn sushis hidden in the racks waiting to be served.

This happened few months ago in the very same outlet.

There was Count the Fish Contest where you dine-in and consume minimum of 5 plates of sushi at Sushi King. Use the receipt during your next visit to Sushi King to redeem a FREE PLATE OF SUSHI!

I consumed (in Gurney Outlet) 5 plate and was given a free temaki (used the voucher below). The receipt shows 5 plates + 1 free plate.

When I made my redemption (during the next), the Assistant Restaurant Manager, Ng Mei Yen assumed i had redeemed the free plate. I explained the free plate is from use of voucher.

Disbelieve of my explanation and she called the Gurney Outlet to confirm. Which was a MOOD SPOILER!!

Restaurant name & Location: Sushi King E-Gate

Product: Prawn Tempura Sushi

Price: RM6/plate

Reasons: Bad service, poor food quality, MOOD SPOILER!!!!

Recommendation/Substitute: Japanese Restaurants


dino said...

too bad, so dissapointed!!!

Not2Eat said...

I am even dissappointed with the choice of sushi last night.

And based on my past experiences dining there, the ingredients there are not fresh.

Anonymous said...

Sushi King? Definitely a bad choice! Trust me, for the same amount, you can get a much much better quality Japanese food from any other Japanese restaurant.

Anonymous said...

dude. if you wanna eat japanese, why go to sushi king? It's as though you pay McDonalds price but expect fine dining food. Cheapskate somemore expect first class service, first class food and first class everything else.