Friday, September 11, 2009

Sushi King The Big Bow Challenge

Terms & Conditions:

- Big Bowl is FREE of charge for participants who finish the dish (both noodles & soup) within 10 minutes.
- Participants will be charged RM38.80 should they fail to finish the big bowl within 10 minutes.
- Only one (1) big bowl per participant.
- Participants agree that they are participating at their own risk and Sushi King will not held responsible for any mishaps.

The bowl is 3X the size of N70 phone. CAN you imagine the size!!

How much is the udon and few vege worth? RM10 or RM20 at most?

Must MUST MUST...finish the noodles and soup in 10 minutes or my RM38.80 will fly off~~~

Restaurant name & Location: Sushi King Malaysia

Product: Big Bow Challenge Noodles

Price: FREE or RM38.80

Reasons: The noodle is not worth RM38.80. It is not worth risking your stomach too "Sushi King will not held responsible for any mishaps".

Recommendation/Substitute: I believe paying RM20 for a noodle that you could enjoy at your leisure.

Source: Cari Forum


gill gill said...

yea, that is not attractive at all. They might as well dont do!

Not2Eat said...

Yap totally agree! A promotion is only effective, if it is attractive.