Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pizza Hut Poor Delivery Service

I ordered 2 large pizzas. Here they are 2 large pizzas.

SURPRISE!!! It is actually "regular pizza in large box."

It is smirched and no 'plastic stand' placed in center of the pizza.

2 unappetizing regular pizzas

No Chilli Sauce, No Serviettes just 2 regular pizzas

Restaurant name & Location: Pizza Hut Farlim

Product: Pan Chicken Supreme and Pan Mediterranean Pizzas

Price: Total of RM42.95 for 2 regulars pizza

Reasons: Wrong Delivery!!! Their excuses is wrong instruction from KL.

Recommendation/Substitute: Dominos, US Pizza, Canadian Pizza and etc.....


Mimie Azrin said...

Pizza Hut Bandar Bukit Puchong Deliver also the same. Poor service!

Not2Eat said...

Pizza Hut Sunshine Square delivery was late by 1 hour due many orders (their justification). I made the order in the morning to deliver in the evening. What a reason...

Tu Lit Boon said...

Pizza Hut Malaysia is quite well know for late delivery and delivering the wrong food, and they will never give you any discount coupon or redemption for their late arrival, coz most of the time they'd argue with you claiming that they're not late. Their pizza tastes 10 times worse than that of Domino's, who offers much better service and would normally give out discount coupon for your next order if they're late.

I've also experienced cases where Pizza Hut argue with me that they're not late even when i dined in. Lame service.