Monday, April 27, 2009

Yaki Yaki

Restaurant name & Location: Yaki Yaki

Dish: The buffet

Lunch RM65++
Hi-Tea RM55++
Dinner RM75++
Supper RM65++

During promotion from 16 Mar 2009 until 30 Apr 2009
50% discount on all dining period

Reasons: As the restaurant name Yucky Yucky what do you expect?

Bad service
- Serve good foods at the beginning 6pm, go to grab fast after 7pm
- Long wait for the food to be replenished
- Plates piling up and no waiter collects it

Food not nice
- Non fresh, slightly gone bad raw food to be bbq-ed
- Red wine far worse than even the cheapest (RM18 per bottle)
- Cold cooked food
- Cheapo dessert, jelly and unknown brand ice cream with no ice cream topping, no sweet delicacies like cakes

Bad environment
- Very rude and kiasu crowd, no one queues, mad rush for the food when replenished
- Pasar malam ambiance at non-pasar malam prices

No wonder no photo taking is allowed there. Hahaha....

Recommendation/Substitute: Tenji
Tenji review by: Precious Pea, Vkeong



Sukkimi said...

I've been once during promotion ~ RM50 per pax. I'm there early 6pm. So they 've got oyster,argentina squids. Then the rest came in around 7pm. Where the nightmare starts

Fresh coconut ~ need to grab (Cheong!) and I dunno why they replenish so little each time.

Oyster~ All gone no more

Argetina Squid ~ also gone no more

Dessert ~ only cheapo jelly and unknown brand ice cream

Truly not recommened. If were to pay full price, I rather option for Jogoya

eater said...

RM50 is the price?

Not2Eat said...

Yaki Yaki is not recommended for anyone.