Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blood Sucker Stall at Genting Food Court

当天去到云顶,本来想找Food Court 吃的,因为Food Court 很多东西选择又好吃,就因为懒惰去找所以就选到这间店吃。。看到摆放在那的食物很多选择,看样子好像很好吃酱,于是就进去吃。。怎知道在排着对付钱时,前面的男孩拿了一些Sotong 、豆腐及一杯水,价钱是三十多块!!大锅!!当时我在想。。我拿的好料一定会四十多或五十多了!!当轮到我付钱时竟然是RM53.35!!!哇唠嘢~~超贵!!!不是吃不起,是太离谱了!!如果当天他收三十多块,我还可以接受,毕竟是旅游胜地而且那里的租金贵嘛。。但是,五十多块简直太离谱了!!还是一碟 “杂饭” !!店里的顾客蛮多的,可能他们也是第一次去吃吧!!我看。。没多少个人会再光临这家店了!!
That day went to Genting, originally intended to find a Food Court to eat because the Food Court lot selection and delicious, just because lazy to find so I elected to this shop to eat ... See the many choices of food placed at, it looks like very good sauce, then go in and eat ... How could we know that to contend with when dealing with money, boy in front of a few Sotong, tofu and a glass of water, the price is more than more than 30!! Cauldron!! At that time I was thinking ... I get good material must be more than more than more than 40 or more than 50!! When my turn to pay, turned out to be RM53.35!!! Wow'm ye ~ ~ super expensive!!! Can't afford to not eat, is too far!! If on that day he received more than more than 30 blocks, I can also accept, after all, is a tourist resort and the high rental why.. However, more than 50 blocks too far!! Is a piece of "hybrid rice"!! Shop customers very much, is also the first time they went to eat!! I see ... Not how many people will visit this store again!! (Translated by Bing)