Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bubble Teas Pose Potential Health Threat

"The milk powder smells better because they add a chemical called vegetable cream powder, which could contain poisonous arsenic, the vendor said. Consumption of the cream powder over a long period could increase the danger of developing cardiovascular diseases and cancer as well as affect brain development in toddlers, the report said.

The major ingredient of the milk powder is also a trans fat, the vendor said. Daily consumption of 500 milliliters of milk tea with this trans fat could exceed the health limit and long time consumption of the tea could lead to cardiovascular diseases, the vendor added.

Although starch is claimed to be the main ingredient suppliers add wheat gluten, a plastic, to make the balls chewier. Plastic is a banned food additive.

It is added with chemicals such as sodium sulfate, which is used as a washing powder and banned as a food additive. Long time consumption of the chemicals could be poisonous.

At a wholesale market on Renmin Road, industry insiders told the newspaper that the teas using cheap raw materials could only cost 0.5 yuan (7.3 US cents) a cup to make. The tea sells for 3 yuan to 6 yuan across the city." Extracted from Shanghai Daily

Restaurant name & Location: Possibly at anywhere

Product: Bubble tea or pearl tea

Price: About RM4.50

Reasons: Contain varies chemicals. Can cause health hazard like liver and kidneys damage, cardiovascular diseases and cancer

Recommendation/Substitute: Fresh fruit juice