Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mc"D" Free Marketing through Blogs

Found out this Mcvalue Lunch Blogger contest. Join and hope to appear in McDonald site.

After spending so MUCH TIME, so MUCH MONEY and so MUCH EFFORT

To win the post need to be popular and creative.
ONLY 1 GRAND PRIZE and not so attractive as many will join but it is ok to support Mcdonald.

Click into another contest the Facebook Contest
Hmm... This contest is much easier will join too. Just take creative/best photo and upload in facebook.

HELL!!! The contest is so much easier and it is not 1, 2 or 3 BUT 4 iphone to be won. And it is weeklyyyyy!!!!!!!!


After Mc"D" spending so much on their McValue promotion! They turn to blogger to promote for them for FREE. And we are paying for the prize by eating the BURGERS. They did not even want to update the website for the blogger appearance in their website. A Big SCAM and CHEAT to all the Mc"D" fans and supporters!

Need help? Email Mc"D" at

Restaurant name & Location: Mc Donald's

Dish: McValue Lunch Contest

Price: RM5.95+ AND RM7.95+

- Cheater/Scam for blogger to do free advertisement
- Cheater to everyone

Recommendation/Substitute: KFC I Love Flava' Roast Contest


eater said...

So disappointed with the way they manage the contest..haiz...down...

cariso said...

I didn't even know got such contest until I read this. Anyway I will not even bother to join at all.

gill gill said...

yea, same as cariso...i will not join. its indeed a good marketing strategy.

Not2Eat said...

Guess there are many out there who are cheated.