Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sharing Yucky Food

Not2Eat welcome every reader to share your bad experience!!!
Bad food
Poor service
Dirty environment
Killer price

Vent it out here at NOT2EAT, just email to with the following details:

1. Location/brand
2. Dish/product
3. Price
4. Reason(s)
5. Recommendation/Substitute (Optional)

*All Not2Eat info provider may choose to remain anonymous.
*Info will be filtered to avoid abuse usage of this blog.

* NOT2EAT is looking for moderators if you interested, we welcome you to email us


Food Lover said...

Oh, what a nice blog, another blog that i can refer to. So that i can avoid those bad restaurants, keep it up !!!

Not2Eat said...

Consumer have the choice to choose the best, and what Not2Eat.

gusghani said...

great site... more power to consumers! 3 nites ago my fren suffered food-poisoning from eating mee rebus at Bestari Restaurant Solaris for midnight supper. poor guy!

Not2Eat said...

gusghani - you can always sent in more details, like dish name and price would do and we will post it up.

For the restaurant to improve the food and to avoid the same thing from happening on others.

cariso said...

Appreciate this blog! We need to have some blogs that provide not-to-eat info!

Not2Eat said...

Cariso thanks for you support :) We really hope to share out more. Wish that more ppl could share with us too.

Food Promotions said...

I have many readers that complains about food.

Not2Eat said...

Hmm... You can ask you reader to share it with us. :) That would be great!